Men's 38307 Ankle High Double Zippered Classic Dress Boots (Brown)

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Ankle High Fashion Boots!

Comfortable Square Toe Box with Slight Distressing
Ankle High, Classic Dress Boots
Easy On/Off Full Side Zip Closures
Padded Insole
Designer Inspired

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Lewis Highsmith
The second pair is as good as the first.

Several months ago the boot I had gave up the ghost. So I purchased a pair of boots, 38306. They were very comfortable and looked good. Since I have practiced using alternating pairs of shoes for quite some time, I decided I would buy another pair. I wanted a copy of the prior pair, but jazame was out of that last. So I purchased an pair of boots, 38307. The results were the same for them as it was for the first pair - comfortable and good looking. If and when I need more shoes, it is to I will go. 05/02/19 JLH

Robert Conibear
Love it, Would of liked

Love it, Would of liked to buy 3 more pair, but you where all out of stock after I received this pair!


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