The Ultimate Backpack for Moms & Dads Diaper Bag/Backpack/Travel Bag/ Everday Bag By Jazame

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Introducing an On-the-Go Diaper Backpack designed by parents for parents.  Most importantly, though, it’s not just a bunch of moms designing this one, it’s a MOM AND DAD that worked together to design a diaper bag that both MOMS and DADS won’t be embarrassed to carry!  A diaper bag backpack that keeps you hands-free, organized and is spacious enough to carry all the essentials.  Whether you’re heading out to the grocery store or traveling across the state, this bag will keep you moving!

It’s a bag that will go beyond just the “Baby” Stages; we all know babies & toddlers keep us plenty busy, but they do eventually grow up and have you off to all the activities you line up for them such as swimming, gymnastics, basketball, football games, etc., etc.!  They come running to you each time they get thirsty or hungry or need a change of clothes after their game.  It really doesn’t end.  Which is why we designed not only the perfect BABY BAG, but the perfect GO-TO PARENTS BAG! 

Wear it on your back (it’s quite comfortable with padded straps, an adjustable chest strap which takes the weight off your back and shoulders and a nice vented, padded back pad to keep you comfy and cool), carry it by the top handle (trust us, it’s a nice handle) or attach it to your carry-on suitcase while traveling (and it won’t fall off while you run to your gate with child in tow!).  No matter, how you carry it, you’ll be comfortable knowing that you have all your needs right there, accessible and ready for you when you need it most (like when baby is crying and needs that pacifier ASAP or when you need wipes to clean your toddler’s face right after they try to shove that ice cream cone into their mouth, all while you’re waiting in line to check out, you get the point).  This bag will be there for you when you need it most.

Let’s get into the fine details:

  • Bag Dimensions approx. 16.5” x 12” x 7.5” Spacious enough to hold all of your essential items for baby (diapers, food, toys, extra clothing, etc.) and you (cell phone, wallet, keys, battery pack, snacks, etc.). 
  • Hands-free is the way to be: this diaper backpack reliably holds everything you’d need all while keeping your hands free. You can even strap the backpack to your stroller or carry on suitcase!
  • 16 pockets; one for every need so that you can organize baby’s supplies along with yours without having to fumble around in search for what you need, when you need it!
  • Comes with an upgraded, large, durable, travel-minded changing mat! Our change mat offers a comfy, convenient space to change your little one while on the go and features a built-in pillow/headrest for baby and an accessory/toy strap to keep baby occupied during those diaper changes!  No need to run and pick up another changing mat because our backpack includes this premium $40.00 change mat, for FREE!
    • An ultra-convenient clutch design
    • A wipe-clean, zip-off changing pad with built-in pillow
    • Large mesh pocket holds diapers, creams and more
    • 2 x Waterproof, Wipe-Clean Zip pockets for dirty/new change of clothes, etc.
    • Carry in backpack, strap to wrist or clip to stroller
    • Change Mat Measures approx. 11.5” L x 2” W x 7.5” H (closed) and 25” L x 22” W (opened)


      • Backpack Security Features:
        • Comfortable, Padded Shoulder Straps feature zip pockets for easy access to a credit card and/or cash on the go. Front facing and chest level make it secure and theft resistant.
        • Security Zipped Pocket hidden at bottom of bag: perfect for valuables such as passports and IDs during travel. Set the bag down worry free as no one will notice your goods when they are being safely hidden away at the bottom of the bag.
        • Reflective Piping runs down the length of the bag (each side) making it visible even when the sun is not out! No need to worry when you get caught in the dark as the reflective piping is visible from afar!


      • Additional Features:
        • Elastic bands inside top pocket for easy storage and access to baby’s favorite toys
        • Waterproof, Wipe-Clean Pocket for Baby’s Pacifiers
        • Convenient, front access to baby’s wipes in a specially designed pocket at front of bag. Fits most travel size wipe packets and has fold over, magnetic flap cover to keep them hidden and stored.
        • 2 x Insulated, Zipped Side Pockets for Bottles, Food, etc. Each Pocket includes 2 mesh
        • USB plug featured on outside of bag for easy charging while on the go
        • Headphone access on side of bag for easy listening while traveling
        • Upgraded, Comfort-Grip Handle
        • Padded Back for Comfort and Air Flow
        • Water Resistant, Wipe-Clean Material making the bag easy to clean


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