Bunion Corrector for Women & Men - Big Toe Brace - Straightening Orthopedic Bunion Splint for Hallux Valgus - Adjustable - Podiatrist Approved - 2Pcs

Size Guide
  • Velcro Plush
  • RECOMMENDED BY OVER 250 U.S. PODIATRISTS: Developed by a team of foot experts, from ORTHOPEDIC SURGEONS TO PODIATRISTS, our easy-to-use bunion corrector is the result of 2+ years of research. Trusted by professionals and customers alike, we’re honored to have received 9,600+ 5-STAR RATINGS.
  • 94% EXPERIENCED INCREASED COMFORT: Our Pedi-Ease 3-layer cushioning provides INSTANT & ONGOING RELIEF for bunions, hallux valgus, arthritis, and post-surgery discomfort. While the design of some bunion splints worsens tenderness, our anatomical shape REDUCES FRICTION and ABSORBS PRESSURE—94% said their comfort increased.
  • 2X MORE EFFECTIVE FOR TOE REALIGNMENT: Despite their claims, other bunion correctors achieve less than 6° of correction. Our ergonomic aluminum brace and toe-strapping system STRAIGHTENS the toe 2X MORE EFFECTIVELY than other correctors, restoring natural alignment by up to 12° after one month.
  • CUSTOM FIT FOR SUPERIOR SUPPORT: Many splints are too restrictive, cutting into feet and causing blisters. Others loosen & slip off easily. Fitting US sizes 5-11, our ADJUSTABLE corrector is suitable for MEN & WOMEN. Three NON-SLIP STRAPS around the heel, instep and big toe ensure a secure fit while you relax or sleep.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: While some correctors use cheap fabric and glued-on rip tape to cut costs, ours is made from flexible elastane reinforced with multi-layer stitching for DURABILITY. Lightweight and easy to wear, our corrector has a BREATHABLE COTTON LINING that keeps feet cool and fresh.


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