While every other girl is planning to go to the beach, you are not so keen on the idea. It could be probably due to an allergy that causes your skin to break out into rashes that will make your life hell for the next few hours (or worse, days) or maybe you prefer to explore new ways of enjoying the summer, instead of ‘going with the flow’.

Whatever the reason, you will probably do the one thing that is adventurous, and non-messy at the same time- travelling.

And this is a chance any thrill-seeking soul will jump at!

But, don’t pack your bags so soon! You still need what’s necessary for ‘watching your step’ when making your grand plans for the vacation trip-the right shoes!

Jazame has the latest footwear for your maiden voyage.


Ladies Lynx Gladiator wedges (black, white, tan and nude):

If you want to travel in style and still be comfortable, then these girls are the right travel companions.


Ladies wild T-strap Jelly fashion sandals:

Bring out your inner gypsy with this footwear, and be the center of attraction, wherever you go.


Ladies Qupid Ankle Strap sandals (black and camel):

If the term ‘tough as nails’ is how your friends describe you, then you are a strong, daring soul, and just the right fit for these girls!

So, get our latest footwear on, and set off on a summer adventure that will make your beach-loving girlfriends green with envy!

Bon Voyage, ladies!


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