What every guy needs to stay stylish in the dead of winter

A tried and practical way to combat those January blues is to invest in a brand spanking new pair of shoes. Not that I am in need of an excuse to buy shoes, but with temperatures set to drop well into the minuses this week, keeping your toes warm is crucial.

If you are currently looking for something that can guarantee to keep you warm this year, check out these different types of dress boots.

Don’t let winter ruin your style. Look for a pair of shoes that will help you get through the chill.      

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Dress Boots

I have to admit that boots are my favorite kind of footware. The beauty is that it's equal parts dressy and rugged. In short, boots can be made to fit any style. Whether you are a motorcycle rider, young entrepreneur, or a cowboy perhaps, boots will never fail to enhance your style. We cannot survive without at least few pairs of those in our closet.

There are three major categories of dress boots every guy should get familiar with: Chelsea boots, Chukka Boots and Lace-up boots. Check out our selection and choose the perfect pair which can satisfy your desire this winter.

Types of Dress Boots

  • Chelsea Boot

A pair is never enough, formal occasions demand a smarter look than a work boot. Men’s Chelsea boots are a versatile choice. The right pair looks perfect when worn with a suit from Monday to Friday as it does with a shredded jeans for a weekend party with the dudes. It doesn’t only give you comfort and style but also an aid for the worrisome winter weather. Considered as the Swiss Army Knife of your shoe rack, Chelsea are an essential must have.   

Chelsea Boot            Chelsea Boot                      Chelsea Boot

  • Chukka Boot

Many people believed that Chukka boots are originally worn by British forces who enjoyed playing polo. The word chukka possibly comes from the game of polo, where chukker is the period of play in polo matches. The chukka boot trend is back but in truth, it never went away and expect them to stick around for years to come. Just like the Chelsea, Brogue, and Loafers- Chukka is a versatile classic. This is a popular choice for men’s casual and sporty wear.                               

 Chukka BootChukka BootChukka Boot

  • Lace-Up Boot

This boot is a great option and an alternative to Oxford or Balmoral shoes as they have that similar degrees of classiness. In general, this type of boot functions as casual/business wear. However, black ones are more ideal for professional occasions as they are easy to pair with a good suit. The closed-laced ones are smart, reliable all-around, timeless classics.   

Lace-Up Boot         Lace-Up Boot      Lace-Up Boot

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