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Get back to school with a blast, with our new collection of kids’ footwear

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The vacation’s over, and the new semester’s here, and it isn’t something school kids are keen on. They will throw tantrums, and make up excuses. Some of them might feign illness.

But, just because your kids are refusing to go to school doesn’t mean there isn’t a way out. And, like the saying goes ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. If you are planning on sticking with your decision of getting your kid to go to school, then your prayers have been answered.

Jazame will help you get your kids on their feet for the new semester. We have the latest collection of shoes for boys and girls. For the boys, you can check out our See Kai Run Sneakers, and, for the girls, don’t forget the See Kai Run collection of Mary Jane shoes and the cute Teddy bear face flats. Our latest collection of kids’ footwear will get your kids back up on their feet and make them jump with joy. They will be up and running on their feet, ready to face the challenges of the first day. To make it easier for you, we have reduced the price to just $4.99! 

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