Designer shoes for Mr/Miss. Fashionista.jr

Medical studies in the past proved that children tend to inherit many of their parents’ characteristics and traits, and this is not limited to just facial features and temperament. There are chances that your child may have inherited some of your ‘undesirable’ traits which you probably consider to be nasty, despite possessing them yourself.

But, if you are a shoe-lover through and through, then beware, because there’s a chance that your child may have inherited the same love for designer footwear. Given the rising prices of various fashion wear and accessories (that also includes the shoes you want), you are probably terrified by the idea of getting your little darling their preferred footwear, and blaming yourself for the problem. Normally, you will do anything to fulfil your child’s needs, but this, for you, is nothing less than terrifying!

Jazame has the latest collection of children’s footwear for boys and girls. For the girls, it’s the latest in Kai Run Mary Jane flats, the adorable teddy bear face elastic band flats, and the cute Ositos Ballerina flats. For the boys, the latest collection consists of the new Kai run sneakers and loafers, designer dress shoes and loafers, dress loafers and casual shoes.

Go for the latest collection, and beat the terror!

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