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Men’s shoes, men’s blues

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If you are a single man, try picturing this: you have a date with a girl you met at your workplace. You have prepared your tuxedo and everything needed for the date. Finally, when it’s time, you get ready, and manage to reach the meeting place, which happens to be a restaurant, though late by 10 minutes (possibly because you either lost your way, or got chased by a dog). You finally notice your date, who is seated at one of the tables, and looking stunning in her little black dress. You two start talking when, in the middle of the conversation, her bracelet suddenly unlocks and slips from her wrist. She bends down to get it from under the table, and gets back up after retrieving it, albeit with a worried look on her face. She suddenly wants to go to the bathroom, and, telling you so, gets up and goes to where the bathroom might be. Fifteen minutes have passed, but there is no sign of your date returning. Worried, you get up and run in the direction of the ‘bathroom’, only to learn from the restaurant waiter that ‘the lady in the little black dress’ (as you described her to the waiter in your panicky state of mind), actually left the place! You start wondering where you went wrong, when a passing male waiter stops and inspects you from head to toe, and, on looking down at your feet, with a look of disgust, suddenly turns away and walks off. Surprised by the reaction, you go to the men’s bathroom, and check yourself in one of the mirrors, and, on checking your feet, realize that your shoes, that are supposed to be a part of your suit, actually stand out-in a bad way. You remember her worried expression from before, and realize that, though well-dressed, you botched up your chance at a relationship with your own hands (or feet, we should say).

If this isn’t you, consider yourself lucky. This is a problem which, like women, many men have to face on various occasions, and not just dates.  They end up looking like oddities of sorts, and embarrass themselves in one way or the other.

We at Jazame can help you take the right step towards success, be it a date or anything else in the world (or your mind, if you have other ideas). We have all types of footwear for men, ranging from the cozy casual loafers to the elegant dress shoes, the easy-to wear sandals to the attention-demanding leather boots. We have shoes of all types-name it and we have it. We see to it that our not-so-fortunate male customers get what they really need to nail it.

With our help, you can take the right steps to sweeping your date off her feet.

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