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Can’t ‘heel’ thyself ? Get ‘wedge’d

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Many women love the idea of wearing towering heels to stand tall and be the boss of the moment. No one can control the urge to look at the person in heels who will be walking past them any minute-that’s the power heels have to offer.

But this ‘power’ is, sadly, not everyone’s cup of tea. Women sometimes neglect to keep in mind the pain that comes with heels, and the physical strength that is necessary for walking in them. These women then have to make an effort to walk properly, which results in either the heel breaking or the already-suffering lady’s ankle getting twisted. Either ways, it’s a total disaster for the lady in question.

If you just realized that this is you, then it doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to being a bird that can never fly. We have the ‘wings’ that will help you soar the skies without suffering the pain associated with heels. There is just one answer to your problem-wedges.

Wedges are like heels in many ways, except that, unlike normal heels that require any lady to practice, wedges are easy to walk in, experience or not, without the hassle of slipping, falling, or facing any kind of embarrassing accident that could make you the butt of people’s jokes. Wedges will let you walk with ease, like an experienced heel-wearer.

And you will get them here, at Jazame. We have the latest range of Wedge-sandals. You don’t have to forfeit your dream of ‘standing tall’ if it’s about money. You can get the best quality wedges at the cheapest rate.

With our wedges, you can soar high all you want!

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