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Heels for the confident feels

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What comes to mind when you see a pair of high-heels put on display at the window of a shoe-store? The thought of buying them, of course!

These days, every lady is crazy after heels, be they high-heel sandals, high-heel shoes or high-heel boots. In fact, actress Marilyn Monroe once quoted “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot”. No one can ignore the sense of confidence and worldliness they can offer to any lady. Plus, they are just what women with height issues need for their ‘tall’ list.

And, seriously, who doesn’t love high-heels. They are practically the darlings of the fashion industry, and every shoe lover in the world. Many of these beauties have graced the ramp-walks for various fashion shows, and well-known names in the fashion industry.

Despite their elegant aura, they are not meant for the weak-hearted. To all ladies seeking to wear them, they are what Excalibur was in the beginning to the great King Arthur. Only those with guts and the willingness to dare are meant to wear them.

But sadly, let’s face it. We all live in a materialistic world where everything comes with a price tag, and at a very high price, including your much sought-after heels! The prices that probably tower your daily budget (and maybe even the size of your house) can easily dampen any amount of courage you might be possessing at the moment.

But, courage or not, there’s still a way out of this crisis. At Jazame, We have high-heels that are of the best quality, and affordable enough to spare you the horror of stripping your wallet of all the cash in it. Our collection includes Dress pumps, Platform wedges, Stiletto pumps, and many more.

So, grab those heels and stand tall with all you have got…and of course save some cash.

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