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Easter ‘Shoe’day

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When you hear the word ‘Easter’, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Easter eggs, of course. But it is the kids who will jump in excitement at the thought. While the adults may be too busy to join in the festivities, there’s no way the kids will want to miss out this chance, especially when it means getting the yummy Easter eggs!

But these Easter eggs are not just meant for fun. The concept of chocolate eggs is quite popular in Britain, Europe and America. While these eggs are freely distributed amongst the kids in Britain, European and American parents make it a point to hide them in the garden for the kids to search and find, resulting in an obvious (and exciting) ‘Easter egg hunt’.

But then, why settle it with just the chocolate eggs, when you can get them a lot more. To top it all, the egg-hunt will require a lot more than just determination. They will need something else to aid them in their quest-a nice pair of shoes!

Jazame has just what you need for the egg hunt. We have all types of shoes, including designer range footwear. For the boys, the shoes category includes casual shoes, dress loafers, infant Boys pediped casual shoes, and pediped Suede shoes, and the boots category includes Lace up sneakers and Suede boots. For the girls, the shoes include Mary Jane Flats, Ballerina Flats, lace slip-on Flats. The boots category consists of Lace up sneakers, Suede Boots and snow boots, while for the sandals, it is Floral Suedette Sandals, Ankle strap sandals, Gladiator Sandals, Gems strap sandals and the latest Pediped Flex Sandals.

With our collection, you can make it the best Easter of their lives!

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